Whos that girl eve instrumental download

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Whos that girl eve instrumental

Name: Whos that girl eve instrumental

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We do not have any tags for Who's That Girl? La, la, la Eve's that girl La, la, la Uh, yo power moves is made everyday by this thorough bitch I'm a get this bank anyway that I do this shit I was born to shine while most of y'all was borderline bullshit Know exactly what I want from me, you cats is clueless Dispose the flow through my hands like water Heat starts growing from my son or my daughter Eve want her own cash, fuck what you bought her He spend, you owe, that's what mommy taught her So hardball is played, won't starve today Song after song I write so I get paid Thought I wasn't followin' up with the second round Now bitch swallow it up, while I shove it down Make em love me over again and over your name Betcha they get over your style and over your fame Why you lookin' sad at me, I ain't to blame Back to plan be baby, I can feel your pain Who's that girl?

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