Other stuff I do: Black Widow

So I’ve been getting into photography for the better part of two years.

As an artist I’m really interested in the body acceptance movement and it’s relation to selfies. I know you folks at home are probably rolling your eyes, but hear me out. Selfies allow anyone complete control over how they are seen by others. Selfies allow the photographer to showcase their best angle, separate from the lens of the public and the media’s twisted standards of beauty.

Recently, I took a series of pictures to create “Black Widow”, a series of photographs addressing both the notion of sexiness and horror. I used paintshop pro to create my finished product. My makeup is that of the classic “femme fatale”, but my clothing hides my body from the camera. Is it still sexy? What makes something sexy? I edited the photos to resemble historical and modern conceptions of beauty. I also created some that were designed to be creepy. What makes something sexy in one context and creepy in another?

Enough pretentious artist talk. Y’all are here to see some pictures. Here you go!

God bless,

Kelsey J.

Kelsey J.