Canadian Poets in Focus: Lorna Crozier

Lorna Crozier (1).jpg

“Though I would never have believed it as a teenager, you do move past things, outgrow the person you were. Sometimes, just by staying alive, you find you have become someone who can live in the world after all.”

My first Canadian poet in feature this month is a fellow Saskie: Lorna Crozier. She was born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and was educated at the Universities of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Before becoming a poet, Lorna worked as a high school English teacher and a guidance counsellor.

Lorna’s first published poetry appeared in Grain magazine, and she went on to publish 16 books of poetry. That’s not the reason I want to spotlight her, however. I want to spotlight her for the work she does to mentor other Canadian poets.

Lorna has served as a writer in residence for the Regina Public Library, Cypress Hills Community College and the University of Toronto. She has taught writing at the Banff School of Fine Arts, the Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts, and the Sechelt Summer Writing Festival. Lorna makes appearances at writing events around the country, and has received five honourary doctorates. Lorna Crozier is also passionate about social and environmental causes as well as poetry.
You can find Lorna’s poetry here on her cool as heck website.

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