Poetry Month Introduction

Last year  I decided to dedicate my blog to poetry for the month of April to celebrate National Poetry Month. Because last year was such a success, I decided to bring back poetry month for it’s second year in a row.


Here it comes…

With a little more emphasis on the “national” this year.



I don’t usually make a fuss over it, but I am Canadian and I’m proud of it! I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Though the country may have it’s problems, I’d rather live in Canada than anywhere else.

Canada has a wonderfully diverse arts scene. Our artists are known the world over…for the most part. I was thinking yesterday and I realised that I could only name two Canadian poets that I didn’t know personally. How sad is that? I don’t know about my fellow Canucks, but I wasn’t taught about Canadian poets in any of my schooling.



Instead of focusing on my own poetry this month, as I did last year, I decided to spend the month highlighting Canadian poetry. So, basically, prepare for beaver, moose and Canada goose pictures this year as opposed to the cat pictures of last year. The wonderful Shawn L. Bird (http://shawnbird.com/) and Matt Loeb (http://www.mattloeb.com/) will be stopping by and showing us a little something. I’m super excited for this month, and I hope you will all be enjoying it with me.

As we (don’t) say in Canada, goodbye, eh?


God bless,
Kelsey J.

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