Flash Friday: Chimera

Kelsey J. Mills

Handel had once been sure of many things, but now he was only sure of one: humans were not meant to have wings. His new appendages barely fit in his cage. Handel could feel every tendon and muscle and ligament in his wings as they ached in protest from being put in the tiny cage. And his wing itched, but every time he tried to scratch it, his talons would pierce his skin. His once crisp white feathers were sticky with dried blood.

They told him that there would be no side effects. Handel chose to believe them, even as he heard the observation room’s doors lock behind the scientists. His belief had only started to waiver when his back roared in agony and his fingernails grew and hardened into heavy claws before his eyes. He felt heavier.

The scientists had shuttled him from the observation room to his current…

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Blogging Vacation

Hello everyone,

You are probably wondering why, instead of seeing my regular content on the blog, you saw a reblogged piece from a few months ago. I’m taking a vacation from the blog this month to rethink my approach to blogging. I’ll be reblogging my most popular posts this month in lieu of new content.

I hope this break gives me time to make this blog better for you, my readers.


God bless,

Kelsey J.

Poor Old Jack: The Nightmare Before Christmas and Depression

Kelsey J. Mills

I was told by several friends that I wasn’t a true child of the 90’s unless I watched Tim Burton’s classic film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. I hadn’t seen it as a child, as the trailer terrified me. This year I decided to give the movie a go–all those goth kids had to be on to something, right?

So far I’ve watched it twice, once at Halloween and again as I was making Christmas cookies a couple of days ago.

The synopsis of the film is that Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween town (“Pumpkin King” being kind of like the Grand Marshall of Halloween) discovers Christmas Town and, while he doesn’t quite understand the concept of Christmas, falls in love with the idea of the holiday and gets the residents of Halloween Town to help him put on the scariest Christmas the world has ever seen.


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