Reviewsday : Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E #7

The Basics: 

Series: Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E

Subtitle: Rise of the Humanids

Issue Number: 7

Company: DC Comics

Creators (because the book gave no indication of who did what and the internet won’t tell me): Jeff Lemire, Alberto Ponticello, Walden Wong

Brief Synposis: Frankenstein and a bunch of other monsters work for Shade, I guess. I don’t have a clue. There’s a mummy and a werewolf and some kind of demon guy.


I’m a total sucker for Frankenstein’s creature (I refuse to say monster, because everyone with half a brain knows that deadbeat dad Victor Frankenstein is the real  monster) and I thought hey, he has a series where he has a gun.  Sweet–in theory. In practise, not so much.

The art quality is decent. It’s pretty clear where the characters are in space and how they’re moving. However, the faces of the characters aren’t very expressive, and it’s hard to tell how each character is feeling. The artist seems to alternate between three cliche faces (too cool for this, angry teeth gritting, slightly open eyes). The story doesn’t exactly pick up the slack. It moves along well. It is paced okay and a sense of urgency is communicated. However, the characterization is lackluster at best. The character’s traits feel token, and if each character didn’t have different speech balloons you wouldn’t be able to tell who was speaking by the dialogue alone. This became especially troubling in the frequent fight scenes when there are a lot of characters speaking. This also showcases another problem: none of the characters have a good reason to be there, and their dialogue in the fight scenes is a clear giveaway.

I had no clue what was happening for the entire issue. S. H.A.D.E stands for Super Human Advanced Defense Exectuive, which explains why all these “monsters” work for them, but they also have a city for some reason. They also had these Humanid things to help them before they gained sentience and rebelled, but why they rebelled is not clear. It seems that Victor Frankstein just loves creating things to mistreat them until they rebel against him. Or her, in this case. For some reason, Frankenstein is a little girl with telepathy. This isn’t the only weird thing that never gets explained. I buy a demon, or a werewolf, but I do not buy a de-aged and re-gendered Victor (Victoria?) Frankenstein. Also, a character who I believe to be reptilian has mammary glands. Why. Why is this a thing. And I guess Frankenstein did wind up making his creation a wife…with giant boobs who dresses in BDSM leather gear. And Frankenstein’s creature (called Frank) has a kid.




The nitty gritty is: would I buy more of this series? Honestly, probably not. There were some nice action scenes but everything else was just mediocre.

A/N: If the creators of this series or the folks credited at the beginning of the post read this, drop me a line so I can properly credit you!

God bless, and happy reading,

Kelsey J.

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