Poetry Month Wrap-Up: What Worked, What didn’t

Guten tag, friends.

As you may or may not know, April was National Poetry Month and I did a series of themed posts. I thought that, now that the month is over, it’s a good time to reflect on the month and what worked and what didn’t. A lot of bloggers don’t really want to publically admit that things didn’t work until months later, but I’m not a lot of bloggers. I am a singular, all too human entity, and I make mistakes. Sharing them with you guys might help make both of us better bloggers in the future.

Not that I view anything I put up last month to be a mistake. I did accidently reblog my own post back onto my site instead of to my poetry site, but that has to happen to everyone at least once. That’s a new rule that I just made up.

This month I uploaded my first vlog. I wouldn’t really call it a mistake or a failure, because I finally did something I’ve been saying I’m going to do since January. However, one of my videos didn’t upload to it’s full length, which is a royal pain, and the other one only has six views. I know that everyone needs to start somewhere, but I worked hard on those videos and I was hoping to have more of a reaction. Even a mean comment would have been nice.

Most of the posts themselves got a few more “likes” than my usual work (with the exception of the PTSDiaries), which tells me that people enjoyed the themed posts on poetry. However, I averaged less new followers this month than other months. This tells me my current audience likes poetry, but it might not appeal to the wider blogisphere. So what I must do is try to balance poetry month posts with my usual fare to keep it fresh.

My most successful post was on my own personal journey as a poet, and the post I’d consider the least successful was my link collection, which are the posts I spent the most and the least effort on, respectively. Coincidence? I am humbled that the most popular posts of the month were the ones where I talked about myself. It means a lot to me that I have all of you on my poetry journey with me.

Next Year: My biggest mistake this year was not preparing content ahead of time. I’m a student as well as a writer as well as working part-time. April is finals months, and I was deluded in thinking that I could create new on-the-spot content while trying to study. Next year, I will prepare at least a month ahead of time. This extra preparation time will also allow me to prepare guest posts.

That’s it for poetry month 2015! We will be back to our regularly scheduled program on Tuesday. What do I have planned this month? Stay tuned and find out!

God bless,

Kelsey J.

P.S: Show my neglected youtube channel some love here

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