Poetry Month: Inspiration links

The most common question that lay people ask writers is “where do you get your ideas?” I don’t see poets getting asked tis question much, but tough cookies I’m answering it anyway.

I’m also seen most writers asked the classic question flop around like a fish when answering it. Inspiration is unique to every writer–but there are some trends. Most poets (myself included) seem to be inspired by things that happen to them–usually pretty bad stuff. A lot of poets up here in Canada seem to be inspired by nature. Oprah compiled a bunch of poets and their inspiration here.

So what if you want to be a poet? Where should you find inspiration? Today I have compiled a collection of links to help you out.

http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Inspiration-for-Poetry — Wikihow’s tips are a good place to start. They’re really basic and easy!

http://writersrelief.com/blog/2008/03/poetry-finding-your-inspiration/ — these are a bit more advanced, but pretty fun!

http://www.writingforward.com/category/writing-prompts/poetry-prompts — there are a lot of prompts here to chose from!

http://www.fuelyourwriting.com/10-ways-to-find-inspiration-for-your-writing/ — here are some good general inspiration tips.

http://readwritepoem.org/ –this is a good website for all things poetry!

That’s my time, folks. Until next time!

-Kelsey J.

One thought on “Poetry Month: Inspiration links

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