Stages of a Poisoning.

I finally uploaded a video! Yay!

Nothing Gold Poetry.


You sunk in

Beneath me, into deepest

Recesses of my internal organs.

You crept in

Like noxious gas

My lungs burst with words unsung

You accumulated in my blood

Until I bled metal.

I could not move, I could not see

Through the darkness you shrouded me in.


When I dream, I dream of dying.

I dream of the sea at the bottom of the porcelain bowl

Swallowing me


I went to the ocean

And looked out at the sharpened rocks.

They reminded me of your fingers

In my hair.

I can no longer bleed it out, you see.

They found you in my marrow.

My mother named me island

Because she saw that one day

I would be alone,

Waves beating my shores

And I, ever yielding.


The doctors said my blood smelled of almonds

And burned in the light.

They crafted wheel chairs from…

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