PTSDiaries: Introduction.

I’m starting something new. A project, of sorts. I say that a lot, but this project is one that’s been a long time coming.

I’ve written in the past about my mental health issues and sexual abuse, whether here in explicit prose form or on my poetry blog in the form of free verse. Now, it’s time to hold the space.

I’m going on a journey. It’s a journey I should have started years ago. As of November 28th, I made the decision to begin treatment for PTSD. I have been writing down my thoughts and feelings as I’ve been preparing for the treatment, and I plan to continue to do this as the journey continues. I want to share my journey with you. As I go through this treatment, I will be posting my thoughts, as well as poetry and prose I write during the experience.

I should warn you, though, that I will be discussing rape, sexual abuse and mental illness honestly and openly. I’m done with silence. I’m holding nothing back. If that is an issue because you are on a journey of your own, that’s alright. I also understand that some of my followers may not be interested in this project, and that’s okay. It won’t be the only thing I’m posting. Any of my PTSDiaries posts will have the banner below at the top, to provide a signal for those who aren’t interested to skip it. But I really hope you join me.


God bless,

Kelsey J.

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