2 Reasons Why I’m not commenting on your Blog

*See writer’s notes at the end.


You know the feeling.

You’ve just finished crafting that wonderful, informative, thought-provoking post for your blog, or possibly a guest blog. You are sure that people are going to enjoy it and will have much to say about it.

No comments.

Wait another day. No comments.

Check back again a month later. One comment- and it’s spam.

It’s not a nice feeling. I find it “throw things” level frustrating. Then, I realised something.


I’m  not commenting on blogs either.


I thought to myself, I bet other people aren’t either. I could feel a post idea coming on, so I looked at some of my favourite blog posts from my favourite bloggers and tried to figure out why I, and perhaps, you, weren’t commenting on them. Here are two reasons.

1)      You’ve said it all

If someone is following your blog, it’s usually because they think you’re awesome. They listen to what you have to say and they generally like it. So you keep putting out great posts to feed their need. Unfortunately, your posts are so awesome that there’s nothing to say back. You’ve handled the argument and the counter argument. I speak for myself, and I feel kind of lame just saying “Great post!” I bet there’s a few of you out there who do too.

So, what to do about it? For the commenters, well, that’s easy; instead of great post, say what you liked about it. Then the great post production can become even more tailored to the audience and it’s helpful to know that you’re doing alright. For the bloggers- maybe ask an open ended question at the end. Make it open to debate. Ask for opinions. Of course, you run the risk of number 2…

2)      They disagree with you and don’t want to start a shit fight

Contrary to popular belief, the entire internet is not populated by trolls. Some people don’t want to get into a long winded, swear heavy, subtly condescending argument with someone they don’t know, or in the blogger’s case, someone they kind of know. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even the aforementioned trolls, and those opinions differ from others. Even if it’s something like, arguing against your opinion that all stories should be character focused or your opinion on semi-colons, if I have a differing opinion I’m staying out of it. Of course, bloggers shouldn’t shy away from opinion pieces because they make blogs interesting. Commenters, you can say you disagree. The blogger (probably) won’t jump down your throat and start a fight. If you disagree, it shows them that you’re paying attention, and they like that. Just don’t be a dick about it.


*Writer’s notes: this is an old post from many blogs ago. I have chosen to stop updating an older blog to focus on this one, and I’m posting some of my most popular posts from that blog here for your enjoyment.